Wondering how to Intensify your Manifestation on this Full Moon night?

Full Moon is a very powerful time, both for releasing the blocks, as also for manifesting new desires.

1. Cleanse and Re energize your body: Take a salt water bath, swim, dip your hands in a bowl of water if that’s the only option. Have an intent of cleansing and imagine the water taking away all your stress, anxiety, fears and doubts.


2. Bathe in the Moonlight: Walk under the moon, preferably in nature. Carry your crystals, for the moonlight cleanses and energises them. Carry a piece of paper, a candle and a pen.

3. Release and Manifest: On that paper, write what doesn’t serve you anymore. A relationship, a person, a job, beliefs about a certain person/ situation, addiction- whatever is not in sync with your Heart, Let it GO. Burn this paper with the candle and ask the Moon to take it away from your life- lovingly and with Forgiveness.

Then invite your new desires with Love. Write them down too, and lovingly imagine that the Universe is giving them to you . The focus here is on the Feeling, not so much the words. Burn this as well, for you have released your wishes to the Universe and now they are on their way!

Happy Manifesting!!

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