Marutt Bhardwaj


Thank you Manmeet. I had a really deep and intense experience and sincerely felt that you were charged to play this role for me to be able to define the path ahead for my life!
Words fall short. The workshop was beautiful! I had come, hoping to be able to do some channeled writing but I came back, with clear vivid understanding of my life and soul purpose, deep calm, a new sense of warmth and sisterhood and the spirit to conquer with love and support from all the wonderful women I met. Feeling absolutely Blessed!

Manisha Motarwar


Dear Manmeet you truly are an angel spreading your love.
It was an amazing experience learning auto writing from you and experiencing the whole process. I surely want to do more of it in a deeper sense. Your energy, your aura, your personality speaks about your Beautiful being inside out and the purity of all that you do. I cannot thank the Divine enough for getting you in my life. You are a bundle of Love Faith Purity n Divinity.!

Radhika Mehta


I came across soul miracles page and something in me said Manmeet Kumar is the one. Go for this. I must say she is a fabulous woman with a powerful aura. She is just like a goddess. Her energy is so high and divine that you feel blessed in her company. She taught me everything in universe works on “intent”. I learnt powerful techniques to open psychic senses. We channeled few past lives, future life and most importantly she taught me how imp it is for you to set up barriers and protect yourself when you are a channel. It was just WoW! I feel confident and my purpose for which I was guided to the workshop has fulfilled. Thankyou once again

Gurpreet Walia


Anyone who is walking in a concrete jungle feeling lost and tired must come and sit under the divine shed of Soul Miracles tree. It will provide you with immense of positive energies. The angelic appearances of it will surely give you the radiance which you are looking for. Learning channeling is a radiant experience for me and i am grateful to all the unseen forces and specially to my beloved husband who took me here to feel the blessings of the universe. In just a single meeting Manmeet kumar filled my soul with a kind of confidence that i have never had. I was walking like a crippled soul who was looking out for a hand to hold and there she came like a divine blessing. The person I was or used to be and the person I am now has a marvelous and unbelievable change. Finally, I am in love with my own self.


Swetta Bhatt


Soul miracle appeared in my life as an answer of my prayers. Manmeet is amazing in her skills. She helped me to understand my body, mind and soul through her Akashic record reading. She explained my diseases as if A doctor is analyzing x ray and ultrasound reports. It was so accurate. She guided me how can I move towards my soul purpose in this lifetime. Every word she spoke made a difference. It really works. It’s true that we can’t see God, but there are moments in life where we can experience divine energies and blessings. Soul miracles is one of whose moments.

Kanika Aswani


Got my Akashic reading done by Manmeet and I was completely blown away. Manmeet is extremely gifted. Everything that she said during the session was absolutely bang on and I feel so empowered now to make the changes in my life and let go of the past influences that are hampering my growth. Manmeet is so confident in what she does and yet so empathetic and full of love. I’m truly inspired by her and her work.

Dr Aditi Bahatnagar


Being with Soul Miracles has been a journey of evolution for me and my family. Though we have always believed in the philosophy that soul is reborn in a new physical body again and again and that effects of karma are always seen or noted somewhere and come back to us…. this is like peeling of so many layers of the innumerable lives that we have led and how it affects us in the here and now. The guidance is complete…. on every level physical ailments or deformations, mental and spiritual growth. In fact, it makes you a better human being…

Madhu Noel


Thanks to you, I know now its a miracle when somebody understands and feels your unsaid, unsolved problems and obstacles. She guides you towards setting priorities, thought processes that help you in regaining life. She is so clear and straight forward that you cannot deny the truth that’s behind your mental blockages. It has and is really helping in channelizing positive energy in my family and I. Thank You Soul Miracles.

Vatsala Shrivastava


Soul Miracle has opened new doors of possibilities to me. I knew I can see beyond what exists but would wonder about its origin and cause. I gained a better vocabulary to express or understand these patterns life offer after my Akashic records with Manmeet.
More than the records, it was incredible the way 21-day cleansing session was planned. It told me a lot about myself and my higher purpose on the earth. She is a professional with empathy and sensitivity Soul Miracle is like this trustworthy place where I can happily surrender and seek answers without biases.
Thank you for knowing what you know Manmeet and creating such a beautiful platform called Soul Miracles. You are making it jargon free, a neat space to breath in the magic around.


Ferzyn Namade


Great experience, she was so thorough and insightful. She delivers the messages with sensitivity, love and utmost integrity. I am amazed by the connection she has, and nothing but praise her. Thank you for the comfort and peace that you brought to our lives.

Ashita Khanna


When I first spoke with Manmeet- my life was a lot about the “why’s” and discontentment. However, Manmeet has this beautiful way of looking through and healing, where we need it the most. I now have a lot of answers and understanding so as to my life patterns and am finally on a path to self-discovery. We all have some capabilities within us, but sometimes we need a wonderful guide like Manmeet to make us aware and encourage us to do the right thing. My new journey has just begun and a big part of that credit goes to Soul Miracles

Charu Bakshi


They say that when you are ready, your spiritual guide finds you!! And I am so very glad that Manmeet found me. I went to her for a psychic reading and was totally blown away by her accuracy, effortlessness and depth of reading. At times, I felt that I myself was speaking about my feelings and not her!! She goes to the bottom of the problem with a razor-sharp accuracy and works with you on the solutions!! I am already reaping the benefits of my session with Manmeet. It feels like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. And I have started on this beautiful journey of positive experiences. I highly recommend Manmeet. Even one session with her can change your life!! Blessed to have her guidance


Maria Smith


If I had a mountain to yell from I would climb it and proclaim the wisdom of Soul Miracles. Not only did I learn about my soul and its strengths and weaknesses Soul Miracles knew exactly what my profession was, confirming that I was already living my life purpose and making a difference. Soul Miracles gave advice, recommended steps to take and spoke of positive affirmations. One thing I was very impressed with was the honesty of the reading. Soul Miracles will be honest and this was the case when I asked about a past love I received confirmation that the brief relationship was indeed with my twin flame but our future remains uncertain due to fear and really not knowing if we are ready. As bittersweet as it all was I would have another reading in a heartbeat.

Kavya Shetty


Got my relationship reading done with Manmeet and she happened to answer my questions very accurately and also happened to say things that only I knew of in the exact same words. Goosebumps man!!! I love to write and have been writing for quite some time now, but not totally involved in it. Manmeet gave me more clarity over this as well and ever since that day believe me, I have been writing every day and also my thoughts have been flowing into words like never before. I have been kind of surprising myself every day because I would get stuck with topics to write on earlier. Now I know what my soul needs. I feel even more positive with a session with Manmeet. The lady has some great Aura in her. Thank you Manmeet


Rigved Bhatnagar


For all the differences, I had with my father who passed away 15 years ago. Of all the hatred and unhappy memories. I told her before I start the session I want to ask for his forgiveness. Fraction of seconds later my father stood with me spoke to me guided me for all the questions I had and more which was beyond my comprehension. He was there, she saw Him she made us meet. The only desire I had for him was to ask for his forgiveness she made it happen. Trust me life changed…. for the first time, I got to know how much he cared, and how much he loved me. If it was not you I would have left this earth with at least one grievance that I couldn’t ask for forgiveness from my father.
May God be with you and guide you to guide the many billions of us who need help which is beyond the human scope.
May God be with you.

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