Inner Child Healing

You should take an Inner Child Healing if:

  • You have deep seated beliefs about yourself, and self-criticism is a constant chatter in your mind.
  • You have body issues with weight, money, unexplained panic, fears, deep sense of unworthiness, sadness, anger, grief, betrayal, and wish you could start all over again.
  • You feel unworthy, unloved and unlucky. You pretend to be happy on the outside, but have a deep sadness inside that Life did not turn out as you had thought.
  • You have anger/guilt/resentment issues, and cannot understand why.

How will this help me?

  • Clear negative and sabotaging Core beliefs
  • Release stress and Emotional Blockages
  • Clear negative memories at the cellular level
  • Connect to your Body Wisdom, sharpen your intuition
  • Connect to your Inner Child and Shadow Child
  • Healing at the core and subconscious level, releasing stress
  • Healing traumatic unresolved issues
  • Creating the Life you desire
Manmeet Kumar is not a healthcare professional and no part of this website / her books / her other writings is to be regarded as medical advice. In the event you use any of the information she provides for yourself or others, you assume full responsibility for your understanding, actions, and the results.

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