Inner Child Healing

20,000 INR and 320 USD

You should take an Inner Child Healing if:

  • You have deep seated beliefs about yourself, and self-criticism is a constant chatter in your mind.
  • You have body issues with weight, money, unexplained panic, fears, deep sense of unworthiness, sadness, anger, grief, betrayal, and wish you could start all over again.
  • You feel unworthy, unloved and unlucky. You pretend to be happy on the outside, but have a deep sadness inside that Life did not turn out as you had thought.
  • You have anger/guilt/resentment issues, and cannot understand why.

How will this help me?

  • Clear negative and sabotaging Core beliefs
  • Release stress and Emotional Blockages
  • Clear negative memories at the cellular level
  • Connect to your Body Wisdom, sharpen your intuition
  • Connect to your Inner Child and Shadow Child
  • Healing at the core and subconscious level, releasing stress
  • Healing traumatic unresolved issues
  • Creating the Life you desire

For Healing & Reading Consultation

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