Future Reading

Gifted individuals possess special senses, and heightened perception allows them to hear, see and know more. Whether in a problematic life situation or in the throes of curiosity, Intuitive Future readings are a good answer to unexplored avenues, unsolved mysteries and unanswered questions. It can be one specific question about the future, or a general idea about a particular life scene that someone is dealing with, or foresees that they might have to deal with. Personalized Future readings gift one with inner peace, gratitude, appeasement and, above all, they are a trustworthy source of mental and spiritual guidance. Psychic reading sessions are also an emotional help, and may take the place of an inner purification, after which one is physically and mentally in tune with one’s spirit.

You should take this reading if:

  • You are at a crossroads in Life, and would like to make informed decisions regarding your job, health, relationships, money.
  • You want to ensure that your future actions are aligned with your Soul Path.
  • You want a complete reading on Health, Finances, Relationship, Career, Kids.

How can this reading help you?

  • Help you in making informed decisions about your Future, and ensuring that these decisions are in line with your Life purpose and Soul Path.
  • Have complete readings of your Future- what options are available to you? This Life is a mix of Free Will and Destiny. How can you use both to attract happiness?
  • What are your Soul Path and Life Purpose?
  • Lessons from the four quadrants- relationships, health, money, career.
  • Tools, meditations and affirmations to help you deal with the stress and challenges of a busy life.

This reading can be done via skype, email, phone or in person.

Manmeet Kumar is not a healthcare professional and no part of this website / her books / her other writings is to be regarded as medical advice. In the event you use any of the information she provides for yourself or others, you assume full responsibility for your understanding, actions, and the results.

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