2016 New/Full Mooon

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Wondering how to Intensify your Manifestation on this Full Moon night?

Full Moon is a very powerful time, both for releasing the blocks, as also for manifesting new desires.

1. Cleanse and Re energize your body: Take a salt water bath, swim, dip your hands in a bowl of water if that’s the only option. Have an intent of cleansing and imagine the water taking away all your stress, anxiety, fears and doubts.


2. Bathe in the Moonlight: Walk under the moon, preferably in nature. Carry your crystals, for the moonlight cleanses and energises them. Carry a piece of paper, a candle and a pen.

3. Release and Manifest: On that paper, write what doesn’t serve you anymore. A relationship, a person, a job, beliefs about a certain person/ situation, addiction- whatever is not in sync with your Heart, Let it GO. Burn this paper with the candle and ask the Moon to take it away from your life- lovingly and with Forgiveness.

Then invite your new desires with Love. Write them down too, and lovingly imagine that the Universe is giving them to you . The focus here is on the Feeling, not so much the words. Burn this as well, for you have released your wishes to the Universe and now they are on their way!

Happy Manifesting!!

Full Moon/Red Moon in 25º Aquarius

During August’s Full Moon, the Sun is aligned with the impulsive, reactive Uranus in Aries while the Moon confabs with cool, strategic Aquarius.

There’s a duality here between thought and action, between fear of pulling the trigger and leaping before you look. One side may be hot-headed and self-absorbed, grandstanding for attention—while the other takes a more objective view, arguing that a wider, more social agenda must be honoured.

It is the classical argument between the needs of one and the needs of many. But why go to extremes? Balance the two in well-considered, self-aware action with solid reason behind it, taking the needs of all into account—the results will be much better.

August’s Full Moon is sometimes called the Red Moon for its penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on August 18, 2016, the second of three lunar eclipses in 2016.

Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn


Today, on Tuesday July 19, 2016 there will be a Full Moon in the sign on Capricorn.

The latest two Full Moons were in the sign of the Sagittarius, which showed us that there are many sides to any situation.

Though it was an emotional rollercoaster for most people, it also was precisely where we needed to be during these first few weeks of July. Now, with this Full Moon, we are being asked to follow our desires with confidence that the Universe has our back.

The Moon affects water, and the alignment of planets also affects us. Not that everyone falls in love just by this alignment, just as relationships that are not for our highest good, break down sometimes. But the Full Moon is a powerful time to manifest our desires.

In this month, at this time, the placement of Cancer and Capricorn will ask us to think about the difference between what we want and what is expected of us. Cancer loves emotion and love and Capricorn likes to get things done right—but with these two signs in opposition, it can be a reality check that has been a long time coming

The truth is that our Heart wants what it wants- irrespective of whether it is in our best interests or not.

However, on this Full Moon, you can actually have both. The dream and the reality.

This may mean realigning our Life, and realising that the Life we get to live after this understanding has a lot more to offer to us.

, we may have to rearrange our plans and realise that the life we’d pictured for ourselves simply isn’t the life we are meant to live. When we accept this reality the life we get to live after understanding this will be so much better.

Ask yourself: What is it that I really want in Life? What is my Heart trying to tell me? And then, believe that you deserve it. Go on, make that change! Honour your heart, for everything is possible….

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