Akashic Records

Do you ask yourself these questions:

  • Who am I at the Soul level?
  • What is my Life purpose?
  • Why is the Universe not working for me?
  • Why do I keep seeing patterns in my Life?
  • Why do I feel drawn to some people ?
  • Is my Soul negative?
  • Can I undo my past karma?
  • I feel that these patterns are from another Life.

What are the Akashic records

Akashic Records are the records of your past lives. Every choice that you ever made in those lives, is recorded here. These records are located in the “Akasha” or sky.

How Can this reading help you:

  • Know who you are at Soul level.
  • Know your Soul and Life purpose.
  • Know your gifts and use them to overcome your challenges.
  • Know about your past lives, understand why are you seeing patterns in this life.
  • “Clear” Akashic records so that healing removes past life restrictions and traumas.
  • Understanding yourself, and clearing the records will help you break away from past life issues and help you live an abundant life.

This reading can be done via skype, email, phone or in person.

Manmeet Kumar is not a healthcare professional and no part of this website / her books / her other writings is to be regarded as medical advice. In the event you use any of the information she provides for yourself or others, you assume full responsibility for your understanding, actions, and the results.

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