Meet Soul Miracles

Soul Miracles is an undertaking helping people heal past and current traumas, achieve direction in life and be empowered with relevant knowledge about what the future holds. Akashic Record readings and clairvoyance sessions are also conducted regularly. In addition, Pranic Healing is included among the services Soul Miracles routinely offers. Our certified healer has years of experience in Akashic healing, Pranic healing, Akashic record reading, clairvoyance and reiki. Over the period, she has transformed more than a hundred lives with her clairvoyant powers, visions, intuitions and reading sessions. Contrary to popular belief, reading sessions can be held without the presence of any apparent ‘trauma’ to remove blockages, recognize karmic debts, and improve lifestyles, careers and relationships. The sessions also release ‘the fear of the future’, which is important if you wish to refine and relieve your present of stress and anxiety In special cases, Soul Miracles can also convey messages from a loved one who has passed away, thus bringing relief to the spirit of the asleep, and useful information to the recipient of the message. Divine glimpses of the future also help resolve at an early period issues of health, family concerns and heighten self-awareness and self-love. Specifically-formulated questions can also be resolved – for example, questions related to romantic relationships, past-life traumas and/or current life situations. In short, Soul Miracles can be trusted with having an answer that will truly meet your requirements.

For Healing & Reading Consultation

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