Manmeet Kumar - Founder, Soul Miracles

Manmeet is a Psychic, Medium, and a certified Akashic Record Healer. She has strong intuitive and healing abilities that have been further honed through her study and practice in Clairvoyance, Reiki, Pranic Healing and Past Life Reading. As a Psychic, she has worked with people to help them understand the various choices they have in future. A Psychic reading helps clients understand the interwoven paths of free will and destiny, and how people can make more informed choices as they move forward. Read More

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Automatic Writing

Channel your answers from the Universe “on your own”. Connect with your Spirit Guides to know your Life Purpose and get solutions to your current challenges. This is a lifelong skill, and will help you live your best life! Read More

Akashic Records

Akashic Records are the most powerful connection to your past lives. This reading can uncover the “whys” of your life. Unravel patterns in relationships, money blocks, emotional traumas, phobias and unresolved patterns of your past lives. This reading can be extremely healing in offering an understanding of past lives, and “clearing” of the Akashic records. Read More

Future Reading

This gives you a deep insight into the core areas of your Life- Relationships, Money, Love, Career and Health. Know what options exist for you in the future, and how can you change your destiny through free will. This reading helps you to make informed choices going forward. Read More


As a Medium, I connect to departed souls. My endeavour is to offer help and support to grieving families and to give them an understanding that there is life after death. Read More

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